There are several packages available for download as tarball files. Please be sure to download the correct package for your Linux version.

FOP Version 2.31.01

Release Date: June 4, 2016


Fri Jun 03 19:18:02 2016 -0300
Attempt wss or ws twice, just in case, to give time to server to recover

Fri Jun 03 18:56:48 2016 -0300
Be sure to clear group extensions when disconnected, so on client reload after a server restart those buttons are not duplicated

Fri Jun 03 10:40:36 2016 -0300
Be sure that label/name is stored without extension as we must set it or not based on notExtenInLabel setting for the client. Fix issue when noExtenInLabel is set and you add a queue member and button gets renamed with the extension also

Wed Jun 01 18:41:03 2016 -0300
Be sure to resize grid when filtering agents by clicking the queue button

Wed Jun 01 11:54:09 2016 -0300
Added Pauserecordig plugin into Repository

Wed Jun 01 11:52:47 2016 -0300
Fix click2dial for numbers on chat windows

Tue May 31 22:40:38 2016 -0300
Do not SET LINK on bridge events if linked channel is local and if we already had a linked channel before. Remove some uninitialized warnings on agentconnect.

Tue May 31 19:15:18 2016 -0300
Add semaphore dbready to FOP2 Manager and to give time for group recreation to finish before reloading FOP2. Fixes bug when sometimes groups are not fully recreated after a reload, resulting in a user seeing only a subset of allowed buttons.

Mon May 30 11:29:05 2016 -0300
Add AMI_Response_Handler to plugins, update sampleplugin to show usage. Call SetLink on AgentConnect if channels are not local so we can get a pure channel link instead of a possible local reference

Fri May 27 18:00:28 2016 -0300
Add conceal_spied_extension as config setting for fop2.cfg and use destination callerid on spy/whisper unless its concealed via config

Thu May 26 08:45:44 2016 -0300
Fill context and extension if missing from buttons custom in FOP2 Manager

Thu May 26 08:24:51 2016 -0300
Read buttons_custom.cfg from FOP2 Manager instead of autoconfig scripts so we can use groups and manager in general to manage them

Thu May 19 10:31:16 2016 -0300
Add /var/www/fop2/admin/config.php suport in autoconfig for debian/ubuntu vanilla based installs in FOP2 Manager

Thu May 19 10:22:47 2016 -0300
More solid functions-custom to support templates and callerid with only numbers in files

Tue May 17 21:12:32 2016 -0300
Be sure to refresh connected clients if we receive a different channel on same button position on reload

Tue May 17 20:56:56 2016 -0300
On disconnection clear button config as we are going to receive it again, preventing a double reconnection on error, making reconnections faster after a FOP2 restart, and not loosing user/pass

Tue May 17 19:07:47 2016 -0300
Remove margings from footer text to make it very narrow/smaller. Also add transparency/opacity

Tue May 17 16:42:00 2016 -0300
Add script to add a manager user and modify FOP2 configuration accordingly easily

Sun May 15 23:39:20 2016 -0300
Send userevent for realtime label change when update_conf finds a label change in freepbx or mirta

Sun May 15 21:42:16 2016 -0300
Fix plugin name in mirta plugin to not overlap with configonreload

Sat May 14 12:47:10 2016 -0300
Set queue member paused tooltip on clock, not label. Use notifyDuration for chat notifications

Fri May 13 17:05:20 2016 -0300
Finish translation of user preferences in FOP2 Manager

Fri May 13 16:09:30 2016 -0300
Add UserSettings to FOP2 Manager Users tab

Fri May 13 10:55:39 2016 -0300
Be sure to clear dial text and results when dialing out, as using typeahead changed the way to clear results/field

Fri May 13 09:47:16 2016 -0300
Update .ini for callflow plugin

Thu May 12 09:19:57 2016 -0300
Add Opera extension to repository

Wed May 11 23:34:09 2016 -0300
Escape quotes in MemberName for Queue Add and Remove and Queue Member events so names with quotes work

Wed May 11 22:37:59 2016 -0300
Add -rp option to startup to pass http as registration protocol if needed

Wed May 11 12:53:31 2016 -0300
Add ignore_clid_on_bridge for broken asterisk clid with dialplan pattern instead of dialed number (mirta)

Tue May 10 18:02:42 2016 -0300
Improve FOP2 Manager styles, making chosen responsive

Mon May 09 18:43:30 2016 -0300
Make both initial and runtime pjsip peer status work

Mon May 09 18:00:12 2016 -0300
Add PJSIPShowEndpoints at startup to get initial status of PJSIP endpoints

Mon May 09 12:03:36 2016 -0300
Fix style on FOP2 Manager remove unnecesary margin on submit button

Fri May 06 20:57:47 2016 -0300
Update conference button plugin so it obeys auto answer setting when bargin into a call. Also set callerid

Fri May 06 15:37:18 2016 -0300
Make queue name field back to 4 columns width to make it nicer

Fri May 06 15:33:17 2016 -0300
Add mailbox field to queues and ring groups in FOP2 Manager

Fri May 06 09:19:09 2016 -0300
Make chrome plugin settings height div to 400px

Fri May 06 08:29:38 2016 -0300
For standalone manager installs, if there is no functions-custom.php show a proper warning on screen. Also make ENGINE in config.php authoritative (skip check of backend files if ENGINE is set)

Wed May 04 15:33:30 2016 -0300
Extend Call Flow plugin to 20 slots

Tue May 03 17:53:55 2016 -0300
Force TLSv1 for SSL, disabling SSL3

Tue May 03 14:04:08 2016 -0300
Backup FOP2 Manager config file before extraction of upgrade, restore after upgrade

Tue May 03 13:45:24 2016 -0300
Be sure to preserve ini plugin settings on plugin upload

Tue May 03 00:16:28 2016 -0300
Preserve ini settings when upgrading plugin online

Tue May 03 00:09:29 2016 -0300
Update ini for autowrapup to complete missing reason config for subsections

Mon May 02 23:42:11 2016 -0300
Use PLUGIN_DIR on page fop2plugins to handle save config

Mon May 02 23:13:34 2016 -0300
Add PLUGIN_DIR setting to FOP2 Manager so the path is not hardcoded

Mon May 02 20:45:36 2016 -0300
When inserting plugins in db, consider global yes or 1 to be true

Mon May 02 19:58:54 2016 -0300
Load proper functions file in FOP2 Manager for ombutel engine

Mon May 02 18:10:45 2016 -0300
Fix hardcoded fop2settings.db in chatadmin to use config settings SQLITEDB

Mon May 02 17:44:58 2016 -0300
Add ombutel config detection to autoconfig- scripts

Mon May 02 17:39:48 2016 -0300
Add initial Ombutel configuration support to FOP2 Manager

Since version 2.28 there is a configuration manager (FOP2 Manager) bundeld with the package. You can access it directly by pointing your browser to http://your.server/fop2/admin . On a new installed system, you must log into the manager before loading the main FOP2 panel to create the user & buttons configuration.


Centos - i386

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

Centos - 64bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.


Debian - 32bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions, 32 bits.

Debian - 64bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions, 64 bits.

raspberry pi

Raspberry PI - ARM

DownloadFOP 2.30 for Raspberry PI/Debian

FOP Version 2.30.00

Release Date: August 3, 2015

This version has significant improvements on the client side, with a layout that can be arranged at will via drag&drop and some cool new plugins. As the changes are significant and might have bugs, this release is launched as beta first. Internet Explorer 8 support was dropped with this release. There will be periodical updates for this beta, so check the release date here to see the last time it was updated.

DownloadFOP 2.30 32 bits for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

DownloadFOP 2.30 64 bits for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

DownloadFOP 2.30 32 bits for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions.

DownloadFOP 2.30 64 bits for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions.

FOP2 Manager

fop2manager logo

FOP2 Manager 1.1.3

DownloadIt works along with FOP version 2.24 or higher and lets you manage users, groups, permissions and more from a comfortable web GUI. This manager is already included in FOP 2.28, it is here for convenience for users of previous FOP2 versions. If you use Elastix and have FOP 2.25 installed, *do not* attempt to install the FOP2 Manager as it will break your FreePBX backend. Elastix already includes management functions on its package so this tool is not needed.


Here is a set of old versions links for your convenience:

What people say

I wanted to commend you not only on the software you guys have written, which is amazing, but also on the continued support and willingness to answer questions.
Jonathan Hayes
We are currently using FOP2 on a FREEPBX12 and asterisk 12 server. The installation went smoothly, and we are impressed by the possibilities of this program, but also how easy it is to use. We had one little problem though with the way queues reported events. This issue was quickly solved by a fantastic support service. Now we have a fantastic operator panel. For our next PBX's we are going to install we will most certainly use FOP2 !
I must just say, I’m loving FOP2. It simple and works well.
Rudi Haarhoff
I've already shown this to a couple of customers and those that have seen it are very excited. So, well done!
Bruce Komito
We have been working with FOP2, Queue Stats and Call Stats for a number of years. Not only are these products amazing, the backup service Nick offers is second to None. FOP2 is the best operator console you will find for Asterisk!
Alan Scott
Logical Solutions NZ
I had looked at FOP2 some time ago, but did not deploy it for lack of parking management. I deployed 2.11 for the first time last night and wow, what a great product. I will include a copy with every deployment now.
Doug Truitt
We provide hosted PBX service based on the Asterisk PBX. We have looked at several queue management systems over the last few weeks and elected to give FOP2 a second look. We purchased beta 2.2 on Saturday, deployed with a few minor tweaks on Sunday and were impressing customers on Monday. We tested on IE, Firefox, Safari and Mango using WinXP, Vista, Win7 and Snow Leopard on a 200 extension installation with around 50 queues. The results were consistently flawless.
Dennis Smith