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From here you can purchase FOP2. It's instant! After the paypal processing takes place, you will receive an email with the registration code. You will use that code to register and activate the software for your server. You can also buy upgrades, plugins and professional services. Just scroll down for all the options.

FOP2 Regular
Our most popular choice. A non brandable version of the software. As you can see, the Voicemail Explorer and IM Chat features are optional. The full version includes all features, while the basic version does not include IM Chat nor Voicemail Explorer. License is perpetual and includes one year of free upgrades.
  Basic IM Chat Voicemail Full
IM Chat
Users & Buttons
Does not enforce
Copyright Footer
not available not available not available not available
IM Chat not available available not available available
Voicemail Explorer not available not available available available
Allowed Tenants 5 5 5 5

FOP2 White Label
If you plan to include FOP2 in your customer's PBX and do not want to expose the name of the software or copyright information in the panel itself, this is the option for you. The footer is not displayed and you can change the page title in the html files.
  Basic IM Chat Voicemail Full
White Label

IM Chat White Label
Voicemail White Label
White Label

Users & Buttons
Does not enforce
Copyright Footer
available available available available
IM Chat not available available not available available
Voicemail Explorer not available not available available available
Allowed Tenants 5 5 5 5

License Upgrades
If you have a basic license and want to add additional features, or if your version is older than one year and you want to update to the latest release, you can do it by buying the corresponding upgrade. If you are not sure if there are upgrades available for your license, you can verify it by running /usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --upgrade on your current install.
IM Chat Upgrade Voicemail Explorer Upgrade Voicemail & IM Chat Upgrade Annual Software Maintenance

Multitenant Upgrades
The basic licenses allows you to run up to five (5) tenants/contexts in one server. If you use a multi tenant system on one server and want to offer the panel to more tenants you can purchase these extension packs. You can grow to any number of tenants by purchasing extensions when the time comes. So you can start small, and only purchase packs when new customers require it. This applies *only* for systems where you have *one* Asterisk server catering multiple customers or tenants on the same server (like Elastix 3, MiRTA PBX, Thirdlane). If you run multiple Asterisk servers then you will use individual licenses for each server instead of using multitenancy packs.
5 tenants Upgrade 10 tenants Upgrade 25 tenants Upgrade 50 tenants Upgrade

FOP2 Plugins
Here you can purchase an activation code to enable the commercial plugins that are available for FOP 2.27 or higher. You must have a valid license in order to use the plugins, they do not work on the lite/unregistered version. Some of them will work with a particular platform, like MiRTA PBX or Ombutel, others are generic for any backend. Be sure that you only purchase plugins that are compatible with your platform.

Simple Wallboard

Video Demo
Change the display to show a full screen wallboard displaying only calls waiting in queues. Displays two queues on screen and rotates the display to show all available queues. $10

Set Follow Me

Adds an option to modify Follow Me destinations and ring time in the action submenu. It only works if Followme is enabled for an extension. Supported backend: IssabelPBX $10

Auto Wrapup

This plugin will put an agent on pause automatically after finishing a queue call for a configurable amount of time. Once that time passes, it will unpause automatically. This is the same as the wrapup time that you can use when configuring queues, with the difference that it is reported in queue_log as a pause and you can see it in FOP2 or Asternic realtime views. (While the default wrapup state and duration in asterisk queues cannot be determined). $10

Queue Login

The plugin will show a queue selection window right after login into FOP2. The user will be auto added to selected queues as a member. On FOP2 logout, the user will be removed from those queues automatically. In this way FOP2 can be used as an Agent console and useful to track login and logout times for Agents using analytics packages like Asternic Call Center Stats. $10


This plugin will let you see/set/unset CallFlow/DayNight in your FOP2 panel. Supported backend: IssabelPBX $10

Speed Dial

Displays a list of speed dials on the right column to enable one click dial/transfer of calls. $10

Idle Timer

Displays an idle timer on extensions, to know how long since they last received a call. This plugin works only on FOP2 version 2.29 or higher. Here is a video showcasing it. $10

Tag Queue Calls

Lets an agent Tag a queue delivered call after it finishes. Asternic Call Center Stats Pro can be used to run reports based on calls tags later on. This plugin works together with Aternic Call Center Stats PRO 2.0.9 or higher. The tutorial on setting up Asternic Call Center Stats PRO to work with this plugin is available here. $30

Queue Stats

Shows a Queue Statistics widgets as informed by Asterisk. Lets you reset statistics if given the resetstats permission to the FOP2 user. This plugin works with FOP 2.30 or higher. It does not work on previous versions. $10

Full Wallboard

Adds three different widgets for queue wallboard displays: Agent list, Waiting calls list, Queue Info/Stats boxes. The wallboard can display statistical information taken from Asternic CCStats PRO. Widgets are completely customizable using html, css and javascript by using dustjs templates. Here is the full wallboard documentation. $100

Zendesk Popups

Opens a zendesk tab with customer information on incoming calls ringing or connect events based on the callerid. $30

Queue Callback

Shows a list of queue abandoned calls and lets you click to call them back. $50

FOP2 Modules
Here you can purchase an activation code to enable commercial modules. Unlike plugins, Modules include functionality that exceeds FOP2 switchboard capabilities and provide extra functionality to your PBX. Modules can be handled from the FOP2 Manager page and might not require a FOP2 switchboard license to be used, while commercial plugins do require a FOP2 license to be active.


scripter screenshot A fully complete dynamic scripter suite, that lets you create tutorials, dynamic guides and forms, saving data to any web based backend using configurable APIs. It can be used with dialers like the FOP2 dialer plugin or the Issabel Call Center Suite, or any other web application, as scripts can be embeded into any web based application." $750

IVR Flow

ivrflow screenshot IVR Flow lets you visually create simple or complex IVR and call flows using API calls, time conditions, logic conditions, Text to Speech and ASR. $150

WebPhone PRO Subscriptions

WebPhone PRO is a comprehensive WebRTC phone solution with extensive features. It allows users to handle multiple lines, perform native SIP transfers and conferencing, and enables chat functionality with omnichannel capabilities through the Asternic ChatBroker on premise service. With WebPhone PRO, you can efficiently manage and respond to chats originating from popular social networks and messaging platforms* such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, Discord and SMS. It can also be integrated with ChatBots and popups to CRMs.

* Some providers will require payments/subscriptions on their own

Presentation Video
10 agents monthly 10 agents yearly unlimited agents monthly unlimited agents yearly

Professional Services
Having problems or do not have time to set things up? You can choose to buy support from the author directly. From installation, to customizing popups, integrating with CRM software or a web based groupware application, to setting up monitoring for a call center. You must be able to provide ssh access to your server.
$50 savings
$150 savings
FOP2 Professional Install 1 hr Paid Support 5 hr Paid Support Pack 10 hr Paid Support Pack

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What people say

I wanted to commend you not only on the software you guys have written, which is amazing, but also on the continued support and willingness to answer questions.
Jonathan Hayes
Great handy piece of software you've made. Have been using it together with * since 2005 in our non-profit organization. Very pleased.
Kari Kandell
We have been working with FOP2, Queue Stats and Call Stats for a number of years. Not only are these products amazing, the backup service Nick offers is second to None. FOP2 is the best operator console you will find for Asterisk!
Alan Scott
Logical Solutions NZ
The new beta works great on iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1. Seamless upgrade from 2.1.1. Very impressive!
David Shauger
Thank you for writing such a marvelous and helpful tool. FOP has spread throughout our sales and service organization like wild fire. Our managers absolutely love FOP and can't live without it. FOP has increased productivity and has helped us better train our employees. Your product rocks!
Otto Silva
FOP2 support provided quick and accurate service. We were experiencing server issues that were affecting our customers and FOP2 got us back up and running in no time. We would’ve been lost without them. We are very satisfied with the performance of our support tech.
David C. Baugher
Nicolas, this isnt the first time I have said but you're a rare breed: you take the time to help people when a lot of other folks don't. This is multiple times over the last 4/5 years you have helped me, for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you for your great product and EXCELLENT support.
Jake Vinson