If you want to install from the command line, you can use this one liner:

wget -O - | bash

If you want to upgrade and existing install, use this one liner:

wget -O - | bash

You can also download the package manually and run "make" to do the installation, in that case, please notice that there are several packages available for download as tarball files. Please be sure to download the correct package for your Linux version.

FOP Version 2.31.30

Release Date: June 12, 2021


Thu Jun 10 19:56:52 2021 -0300
Fix issue where full wallboard does not show duration of call for active member

Tue Jun 8 19:47:32 2021 -0300
Allow passing dial command via postmessage (parent.postMessage('dial=123123', '*') to avoid cross site issues if we want to call parent.dial from a browser frame in browser plugin

Fri May 28 17:31:25 2021 -0300
Add the name fop2minibrowser to the browser iframe so we can specify a target in any link to be opened in the browser

Thu May 27 13:15:55 2021 -0300
Add timestamp to debug messages in console

Thu May 27 13:15:19 2021 -0300
Do not check for certificate validity on wget call in loginstateupdate plugin

Thu May 27 13:14:30 2021 -0300
Prevent error when converting form data for submission in some cases

Thu Apr 22 14:45:51 2021 -0300
Check for asterisk version higher than 13 in override context so park is configured correctly for asterisk 16 or 18 also

Fri Mar 26 12:57:24 2021 -0300
use universal url for sample callback script

Thu Mar 25 19:16:05 2021 -0300
Add separate api user and password to dialer plugin, add sample script to add numbers to a specific campaign

Fri Mar 19 19:11:27 2021 -0300
Update callbacks to log NOTABANDON on dragtransfer

Tue Mar 16 15:11:01 2021 -0300
Improve multi tenant on vital pbx

Tue Mar 16 12:25:23 2021 -0300
Fix warning on output

Tue Mar 16 12:25:04 2021 -0300
Fix return on vital functions

Fri Mar 12 17:56:35 2021 -0300
Add example for openvox gsm gateways in fop2.cfg file

Fri Mar 5 10:06:10 2021 -0300
Bump scripter plugin version to 1.0.1

Fri Mar 5 10:04:55 2021 -0300
Make saving data on scripter using named fields instead of position, so logic jump wont insert data in incorrect column position. Optimize phone survey answers a bit and avoid saving multiple times on multiple answer questions

Thu Mar 4 16:29:41 2021 -0300
Add vitalpbx config check tu autoconfi scripts

Thu Mar 4 16:25:50 2021 -0300
Add vitalpbx support to FOP2 Manager, with multi tenant

Thu Mar 4 15:25:18 2021 -0300
Honor exclude in tenants in mirtapbx

Wed Feb 24 16:42:22 2021 -0300
Update copyright year on forced footer

Wed Feb 24 16:41:24 2021 -0300
Do not clear ringfromqueue variable on any state change, so we do not lose that value on notifyconnect

Thu Feb 11 18:34:55 2021 -0300
Add fop2cli.php script to install/uninstall and list plugins from the command line

Thu Feb 11 11:57:10 2021 -0300
Add config.docker.php to FOP2 manager

Thu Feb 11 11:52:17 2021 -0300
Add config.docker.php to FOP2 web client

Thu Feb 11 08:21:09 2021 -0300
Make dialerreports table definition use utf8 instead of mbr4 to avoid index limit on issabel

Thu Feb 11 08:19:37 2021 -0300
Make botones_por_canal public so we can use it in holdreport to redirect calls on maximum hold time reached

Tue Feb 9 12:28:07 2021 -0300
Bump hotdesk plugin to 1.0.5 version

Tue Feb 9 12:27:32 2021 -0300
Update hotdesk to forcefully disconnect users that login from another station, and remove them from queues,etc

Mon Feb 8 19:12:05 2021 -0300
Add support for Asterisk 16 agentconnect channel variables that were missing

Mon Feb 8 17:43:47 2021 -0300
Set application title on app startup based on applicationTitle presence.js value

Thu Feb 4 13:17:48 2021 -0300
Fix debug on just one client if unauthenticated connections are found

Mon Feb 1 14:57:27 2021 -0300
Fix pjsip zulu multi device registration

Fri Jan 29 13:17:51 2021 -0300
Store hotdesk plugin channel variable using extension as key instead of socket, so real channel can be retrieved on error disconnections that reconnect with a new/different socket

Fri Jan 29 13:12:33 2021 -0300
Delay removal of some variables on logout by 3 seconds so late events from plugins like hotdesk can do their cleanup

Mon Jan 25 19:02:06 2021 -0300
Add atxfer_append_digit setting that is enabled by default, that appends # to the attended transfer extension command. On old asterisk with the feature backported, the # is passed in the extension number breaking the transfer process

Wed Jan 20 19:11:02 2021 -0300
Do not create slots on agentconnect or agentcomplete, only query existing, because when transferring queue calls local channels will become wild and it will leave slots stuck in a line button

Wed Jan 20 15:26:51 2021 -0300
Finish write debug only on first connected client

Wed Jan 20 15:25:10 2021 -0300
Try to accomodate waiting queue calls when attended trasnfer into the queue

Wed Jan 20 13:38:24 2021 -0300
Fix leaving voicemail indication for Asterisk 16 or higher

Wed Jan 20 13:36:39 2021 -0300
Tries to determine tech sip or pjsip on state interface when using hint

Wed Jan 20 13:34:34 2021 -0300
Do not log output send to all connected clients, only the first one. Reduces logs substantially if there are many connected clients

Wed Jan 20 13:26:41 2021 -0300
Add 3rd parameter send when no auth to send status to flash in all places

Mon Jan 18 18:34:17 2021 -0300
Allow more than one insert on hashes for multi server setups when more than one server

Wed Jan 13 19:32:14 2021 -0300
use mysqli instead of mysql in dbgrid for preventing connection errors

Mon Jan 11 20:29:24 2021 -0300
Add vitalpbx functions for FOP2 manager and VITALPBX_API_KEY to config.php

Mon Jan 11 16:40:28 2021 -0300
Optimize tag queue calls to not broadcast agent complete event to all connected clients, only specific agent via directclientcmd

Mon Jan 11 16:39:45 2021 -0300
Make popup url ringing and connect distinctive in hotdesk plugin

Mon Jan 11 16:37:47 2021 -0300
Make callflow plugin work with recent freepbx versions

Mon Jan 11 16:36:08 2021 -0300
make populate context work with custom named/set engines

Mon Dec 14 18:24:18 2020 -0300
Fix delimiter on reschedule data for button on dialer

Thu Nov 19 15:53:27 2020 -0300
Change notification client loops to avoid iteration over a mutable list that might cause an EV crash

Wed Nov 18 13:21:24 2020 -0300
Fix session time query in full wallboard

Thu Nov 12 19:39:29 2020 -0300
Fix custom agent vars geeting clear/reset when queuemembers event was received and clid sometimes doubled decoded in full wallboard

Thu Nov 12 00:12:01 2020 -0300
Add missing fontawesome.css

Wed Nov 11 11:26:00 2020 -0300
Avoid undefined error when viwing limited queues on agent complete for full wallbaord

Thu Nov 5 19:14:40 2020 -0300
Do not allow login modal to close by clicking anywhere or esc key, remove the close modal button, allow only to dismiss when button accept is clicked, or enter in keyboard when having something filled in extension

Thu Nov 5 17:21:29 2020 -0300
Fix italian language typo in js and encoding on php

Wed Nov 4 20:26:52 2020 -0300
Do not query for multi qualify on ring group buttons

Tue Oct 27 20:40:16 2020 -0300
Limit deferred setvars to 10 attempts

Tue Oct 27 19:50:02 2020 -0300
Do not hide login dialog on socket reconnect, just disable the button

Tue Oct 27 19:42:10 2020 -0300
Reset queue member timer to zero when freed via queuememberstatus event

Tue Oct 27 19:38:42 2020 -0300
Add kick_unauth_clients setting to configure how long to wait to force close unauth clients, default is 60 seconds, 0 to disable

Tue Oct 27 18:29:54 2020 -0300
Do not set language session variable via setvar.php if not authorized, as request will be denied anyways. Avoids calling setvar.php on fop2 login without attention closed due to wetsocket close.

Mon Oct 12 21:25:49 2020 -0300
Use generic error with no mention to Adobe Flash to not confuse users as flash is deprecated/eol

Mon Oct 12 21:25:32 2020 -0300
Update debian 64 build script for newer TLS

Since version 2.28 there is a configuration manager (FOP2 Manager) bundeld with the package. You can access it directly by pointing your browser to http://your.server/fop2/admin . On a new installed system, you must log into the manager before loading the main FOP2 panel to create the user & buttons configuration.


Centos - i386

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

Centos - 64bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.


Debian - 32bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions, 32 bits.

Debian - 64bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions, 64 bits.

raspberry pi

Raspberry PI - ARM

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Raspberry PI/Debian

ARM 64 bits

ARM 64 bits - Aarch64 - Centos

DownloadFOP 2.31 for ARM aarch64 / Centos

FOP Version 2.30.00

Release Date: August 3, 2015

This version has significant improvements on the client side, with a layout that can be arranged at will via drag&drop and some cool new plugins. As the changes are significant and might have bugs, this release is launched as beta first. Internet Explorer 8 support was dropped with this release. There will be periodical updates for this beta, so check the release date here to see the last time it was updated.

DownloadFOP 2.30 32 bits for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

DownloadFOP 2.30 64 bits for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

DownloadFOP 2.30 32 bits for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions.

DownloadFOP 2.30 64 bits for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions.

Microsoft Edge Extension


FOP2 Extension for Microsoft Edge Browser

DownloadView status of extensions directly in Microsoft Edge. Shows desktop notifications and configurable popups on new or connected calls. Converts phone numbers in any web page into click to call links. (It is *not* a standalone application, it requires FOP2 to be installed on the server).


Here is a set of old versions links for your convenience:

What people say

Just to let you know: our customer is using FOP2 with +500 (mostly mobile +...)-extensions succesfully at the moment. Thanks to your support we have delivered a succesfull project. Again, thank you very much!

Kind regards / Met vriendelijke groet

Ronald Voermans
I wanted to commend you not only on the software you guys have written, which is amazing, but also on the continued support and willingness to answer questions.
Jonathan Hayes
I must just say, I’m loving FOP2. It simple and works well.
Rudi Haarhoff
Let me also congratulate you on what a fantastic job you have done... on all your products.. they are clean, easy to use, useful and easy to install. I wish i had someone like you on my staff for our developments. FOP2 is just brilliant. Seriously. Excellent job.
Tony Sampano
FOP2 support provided quick and accurate service. We were experiencing server issues that were affecting our customers and FOP2 got us back up and running in no time. We would’ve been lost without them. We are very satisfied with the performance of our support tech.
David C. Baugher
Nicolas, this isnt the first time I have said but you're a rare breed: you take the time to help people when a lot of other folks don't. This is multiple times over the last 4/5 years you have helped me, for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you for your great product and EXCELLENT support.
Jake Vinson
This is truely a remarkable product. Simple setup, works great, looks great. Good job, and thank you for making such a product available to us !
Kevin Farrell-Pelletier