There are several packages available for download as tarball files. Please be sure to download the correct package for your Linux version.

FOP Version 2.31.16

Release Date: December 22, 2017


Fri Dec 22 10:50:17 2017 -0300
Use a dummy query instead of dbh ping to check for valid odbc connection to voicemail, as mysql tends to go away and ping does not notice. Fixes problem with odbc voicemail not working after a while on some installs

Thu Nov 30 13:55:51 2017 -0300
Do not show reason paused in tooltip after unpause

Thu Nov 30 09:10:38 2017 -0300
Prevent warning if there is a header server defined for a button that is not configured in fop2.cfg

Thu Nov 30 08:54:16 2017 -0300
Avoid warning if conference button configuration has a server header that is not defined in fop2.cfg

Tue Nov 28 20:59:44 2017 -0300
Add broadcast_pause_command config and fix custom permissions for voicemailadmin and queue buttons, by stripping the server part

Wed Nov 01 09:39:10 2017 -0300
Count group by contact dispositions otherX as X to not polute dashboard with internal states in Dialer plugin

Tue Oct 31 17:24:24 2017 -0300
Add support for hotdesk plugin on dialer preview mode

Tue Oct 31 10:43:38 2017 -0300
Fix logic for trunk detection in astdb config engine in FOP2 Manager

Mon Oct 30 11:32:01 2017 -0300
Add label/name on login to audit log

Fri Oct 27 17:52:48 2017 -0300
Improve session acl for elastix users in FOP2 Manager login

Mon Oct 23 12:34:30 2017 -0300
Add group by name option to dialer plugin so one contact can have many numbers and dialer will try to dial one by one and cease trying if one succeeded

Tue Oct 17 10:40:30 2017 -0300
Rename buttons.cfg.sample to buttons_custom.cfg.sample

Fri Oct 13 21:31:47 2017 -0300
Start issabel session if use backend auth is set to false

Thu Oct 12 19:16:45 2017 -0300
Handle Local channels in queues fully, so pickupActive does not fail after a transfer gets in the way

Thu Oct 12 17:51:06 2017 -0300
Backup checkdir.php on install to checkdir.old.php

Thu Oct 12 15:56:36 2017 -0300
Accept <> and {} in configuration directives/parser. Fix for odd passwords for manager preventing reload from working in FOP2 Manager

Wed Oct 11 17:32:50 2017 -0300
Fix warning in some cases when PJSIP does not have ip/contact

Wed Oct 11 15:32:23 2017 -0300
Fix reverse logic mistake to avoid EV problems after trying to set status on unblessed channel

Wed Oct 11 14:55:45 2017 -0300
Use materialized table for abandon queries in full wallboard

Tue Oct 10 00:21:08 2017 -0300
Check if channel is blessed on pause when qchannelget variable is set

Mon Sep 11 21:14:18 2017 -0300
Add recording_issabel post recording script

Since version 2.28 there is a configuration manager (FOP2 Manager) bundeld with the package. You can access it directly by pointing your browser to http://your.server/fop2/admin . On a new installed system, you must log into the manager before loading the main FOP2 panel to create the user & buttons configuration.


Centos - i386

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

Centos - 64bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.


Debian - 32bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions, 32 bits.

Debian - 64bits

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions, 64 bits.

raspberry pi

Raspberry PI - ARM

DownloadFOP 2.31 for Raspberry PI/Debian

FOP Version 2.30.00

Release Date: August 3, 2015

This version has significant improvements on the client side, with a layout that can be arranged at will via drag&drop and some cool new plugins. As the changes are significant and might have bugs, this release is launched as beta first. Internet Explorer 8 support was dropped with this release. There will be periodical updates for this beta, so check the release date here to see the last time it was updated.

DownloadFOP 2.30 32 bits for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

DownloadFOP 2.30 64 bits for Centos or other Redhat Based Distributions, including Trixbox, Elastix, PiaF, AsteriskNow, etc.

DownloadFOP 2.30 32 bits for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions.

DownloadFOP 2.30 64 bits for Debian / Ubuntu Based Distributions.

FOP2 Manager

fop2manager logo

FOP2 Manager 1.1.9

DownloadIt works along with FOP version 2.24 or higher and lets you manage users, groups, permissions and more from a comfortable web GUI. This manager is already included in FOP 2.28, it is here for convenience for users of previous FOP2 versions. If you use Elastix and have FOP 2.25 installed, *do not* attempt to install the FOP2 Manager. Elastix© 2.x already includes management functions on its package so this tool is not needed.


Here is a set of old versions links for your convenience:

What people say

Nicolás, muchas gracias por tu ayuda. La verdad que el producto fop2 es fantástico.
Pablo Pissinis
As an IT consultant who implements software on a daily basis that is riddled with bugs and defects, yours is a refreshing reminder that software can still be well-written.
Loren Campbell
I must just say, I’m loving FOP2. It simple and works well.
Rudi Haarhoff
Great handy piece of software you've made. Have been using it together with * since 2005 in our non-profit organization. Very pleased.
Kari Kandell
I've already shown this to a couple of customers and those that have seen it are very excited. So, well done!
Bruce Komito
Thank you for writing such a marvelous and helpful tool. FOP has spread throughout our sales and service organization like wild fire. Our managers absolutely love FOP and can't live without it. FOP has increased productivity and has helped us better train our employees. Your product rocks!
Otto Silva
FOP2 is consistently exactly what we need. Also, your support is the best. Thanks for the insane amount of availability.
Cullen Lorsung