FOP2 IVR Flow module allows you to create interactive voice response systems (IVR) or other type of call flows and interactions using a simple drag and drop interface. It can interface with external APIs to gather data and select branches based on logic conditions, time conditions, selected options or spoken words via asterisk speech capabilities.


The module will detect and work with both Issabel and FreePBX backends. It can be made to work with other type of Asterisk systems but requires manual configuration for some needed assets (recordings and valid destinations) via a functions-custom file that is open for modifications

What you'll learn

What you'll need

Module and plugins installations, as well as many other aspects of configuring FOP2 and assorted tools, is done via the FOP2 Manager.

Log into your FOP2 Manager administration page, usually located at https://your.server/fop2/admin

Once there, select the Plugins menu option shown in the following illustration:


Once in the plugins section, scroll down/search for the "IVR FLow" module in the list and click the "Install" button.


The module will be downloaded from the Internet and installad into your system in a few seconds.

Once installed, you will see a new menu option in the left sidebar menu, just bellow the "Settings" option.

sudo service fop2 restart

The IVR Flow module includes a Text to Speech (TTS) block. For it to work you must have a proper TTS engine working on your server. Issabel includes picotts as standard, offering a decent option in a few languages: Spanish, English US, English UK, French, German and Italian. Other systems like FreePBX might have others or requires you to configure/setup your engine first.

In either case, IVR Flow includes one engine that can be used for testing (but not in production), using the Google Translate online service. For that to work some packages need to be installed on your operating system. For Issabel or FreePBX systems you can do so with the following command:

yum -y install perl-LWP-Protocol-https perl-Digest-MD5 mpg123

The module comes already configured to work right out of the box in Issabel or FreePBX distros. There is no need to modify or adjust configuration, but for chosing the Text to Speech Engine you want the module to use.

To configure those options, click on the Plugins icon on the left sidebar to open the Plugins installation and configuration page. Scroll down to the IVR Flow module and click on the Setting button on the rigth:


You will then see all of the configurable options for the module:


Asterisk Extensions Conf File

This file must exist and be a valid Asterisk dialplan configuration file. It will be modified by including one line to it to enable IVR Flow produced dialplans.

Dialplan Generator Script

Full path for the dialplan generator script. On a standard installation this should not be touched. Only change this if you have a custom installation using non standard path and you know what you are doing.

TTS Engine

You can select the text to speech engine to use, from one of the defined on the next setting TTS Engine Definitions. Included definitions are: picotts, googletts and amazonpollytts

TTS Engine Definitions

JSON encoded texto to speech definitions. You can add your own/custom ones here. Two main parameters are needed:

The cmd has some special variables you can use to expand in the dialplan:

The module is commercial, as such it requires a license in order to be used. You can request a 30 days trial license in order to test the software and see if it fits your needs without the need to pull the trigger right away.

If you do not have a license in place, you will see the page with a link to our online store to purchase one on the top left panel (1), another form down below to enter the activation code that you will receive once you purchase the license (2), or a big panel on the right with a small form to request a 30 days trial license that will be retrieved and activated right away (3)


Once you have either a puchased license or a trial one, you will be able to use the software.

Licenses cost $150 US dollars and are valid for one year after purchase for the server it is used on. Once the year passes, any flow or IVR you have created will continue to work without restrictions, but you won't be able to make modifications or create new flows using the visual editor.

If using a trial license, after the trial period ends, the flows or IVR created on your PBX will also cease to work, after entering a purchased license, they will start working again.

In order to continue using the IVR Flow visual editor, you need to purchase the annual software maintenance for it, at 20% the standard license price ($30).

Congratulations on completing this tutorial!

Now that you have the module installed you can start creating your own call flows and IVRs with it

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